Sunday, 16 August 2015

Festival Decor

Festival Decor

It's Festival Season here in the UK at present, so I thought it timely to post some photos of fabulous festival decor on a flower theme and create a tongue twister in the process!

These were all made or designed by me and featured at Shambala, Glade, Glastonbury or Sunrise Festival.

Lotus flower in fabric made by E Rigby

Lotus flower in fabric made by E Rigby
This Lotus Flower was eventually stolen at a gig - if anyone happens to find it one day please let me know!
 The white interior and orange stamen of this flower above glow in blacklight (UV).  In fact the white fabric of all of these flowers is holographic lycra - it looks amazing both in sunlight and in UV.

Wired fabric flower made by E Rigby

This is a smaller version of the one above, I made loads of these.  Due to the wired petals they were pretty robust to transport - they just bent back into shape when I needed them.

Below are some flowers made from recycled lithography plates - which is very thin metal sheet.  The shapes were cut out flat, they were taped and riveted together and then painted with gloss paint.  This was for the Kreole Festival 2005, so it's nearly 10 years ago now, how time flies!

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