Thursday, 23 June 2011

Etched Brass Plate

So here is one of the plates that we etched, it's a design that I (Edwina) did for Kinetika to be printed on the skin of one of their puppets.

It was the first thing that came to hand, and it turned out pretty well for a test.  All thanks to the previous experiments by Zoe and her Dad.  I'll be posting all about those shortly, but the description is pretty long, so I might have to break it up.


  1. Hm, that looks pretty good. In a way, the etching on the brass makes it look a bit older than it is. It kind of looks like a thing you'd find in some sort of antique store. Indeed, I'd say that it turned out well.

    -Lawrence Halter

  2. Thanks Lawrence, I agree that it adds a kind of aged effect. I was looking for a technique to get a pattern onto some brass wings I'd like to make, and I think it will work ok, now I just need to cut the wings out! I'll write a post about it when I eventually get round to it!