Monday, 25 July 2011

Bruising Effect Blog

Bruise Effect Blog

Hi there Zoe here!  In this blog post I’m going to show you how to create a TV realistic looking bruise, suitable for any casualty effect, or even better for a Halloween costume to freak out your friends and family!

For this you will only need a Mehron Procolouring Bruise wheel, which you can buy online on eBay for about £10.  This bruise wheel should last your for ages and ages (all depending on how often you use it).
Ok so here goes, first select the hand/limb/face/body part you want to work on.  I have chosen my hand, as it is easier for me to apply the make-up to!

Start by using the bright red colour.  Apply the make-up with your finger in a dabbing effect where you want your bruise to go.  Really think about this, as a fresh bruise will just be bright red, but the older it gets the colours will change to a more green/yellow hue.  It might help to have some bruising reference so you get the look you want just right.

You don’t need to add a lot, in fact the lighter you dab it, the more realistic it will look.

Once you have your red centre where you want your bruise to start, then start adding in the other colours.  You will want to use the black and dark red in and around the bright red centre you have created.  Again use this sparingly as it will look too over the top other wise, and remember to always use a dabbing motion, NEVER RUB!

Once you are happy with the colouring, start to then add the yellow and the green around the edges of the of the red centre, occasionally dabbing into the red centre to give it some randomness!

Once you’re happy with the basic colouring and Bruise effect, gently blend out the yellow and green with your fingers so to make it look more realistic.

You should then have a bruise effect you are proud of!

For a facial bruise really think about how the person got it, so where the main red centre would be.  For example if I was punched in the eye area, the eye socket bone would take the force of the blow, so that would be the reddest part (due to the thinness of the skin) then the bruise would carry on out around it and under the eye.

Thanks for Watching! xxxx

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  1. That`s really good, very clever and realistic. Debating whether to show the older grandchildren (12 & 14) or not. They could scare their Mum with it! Linda